Seed planting Head with vacuum pickup abron ag-3500v1
Seed planting Head with vacuum pickup abron ag-3500v1

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Department Agriculture Seed Marine


Automatically picks up 100 seeds under vacuum.

Planting heads Choice of  100mm or 125mm diameter

hole size 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 1.0mm and 1.8mm

The Vacuum pump is also provided with controller opening for suction speed

There are many suctions head for different size of seed to pickup and place on rectangular tray

  1. It runs on 220v 50 HZ
  2. The tube is to fit to pump one side and other side you can attaché any head as per need
  3. The head are having hole for small and different sizes of seeds
  4. 100 holes are provided o  head to pickup 100 seeds
  5. Then then you put head over soil/ tray with soil and stop pump it will saw seeds at equal distance

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