Microscope Stereo Binocular 20x or 30x AB-30a
Microscope Stereo Binocular 20x or 30x AB-30a

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Department Bio Microbiology Lab


Standard Specifications
Magnification 30X, 3-D true erect image, large field of view, 50-75mm IPD adjustments 60mm working distance 3X high resolution achromatic objectives, 10X multiplayer coated wide field eyepieces for sharp vision
EYE PIECE Objective Magnification
10x & 20x 2x or 3x 20x & 40x or 30x & 60x
Rack & Pinion fine focusing system Binocular head adjustable on pole type trans-illumination stand with reflector light and hand rests, 82mm dia glass stage with black & white matted plate for field contrast Standard Accessories Dust cover, Instruction manual, Optional Spares for WF15X multiplayer coated pair eyepiece.

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