Tool Makers Microscope Abron
Tool Makers Microscope Abron

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Department Bio Microbiology Lab


*Ideal for accurate measurement of Length, Angles, Forms, Threads, etc.
Internal incident light for
observing opaque objects.-
Incident lamps 2 Nos. for seeing
threads or bigger objects.Stage light
for transparent objects to see.All lights
are fitted with solid state intensity control
systems bulb 12V, 21watts OR 6V, 30watts
Stage-Ball - Bearing type movement in x-y
direction by 50mm
least count 0.001mm
circular movement 0.3600
Vernier least count 2 minutes,
X, Y 500mm I.C. 0.001mm 30x
Eyepieces- 10x OR 15x with reticules cross or
with circles scale.
Objectives- 2x OR 3x Magnification-30x
EYE PIECE Objective Sliding Magnification
10x 2x, or 3x 20x, or 30x
The instrument is nicely painted, plated, packed in
a polished wooden cabinet with lock and key.