Labmed Professional Research Microscopy CXR4
Labmed Professional Research Microscopy CXR4

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Department Bio Microbiology Lab


The new CXR4 delivers ultimate optics, performance, convenience & affordability.CXR4 is the microscopy solution that every research professional has been waiting for. Ultra high performance levels with special features for high ease of use and comfortable viewing over prolonged periods is the hallmark of this wonder.Advanced Ergonomics offer flexibility, durability and convenience for demanding research. A result of the perfect blend of True Color Optics, Maximum fields of view, 100% Field flatness, Ehanced Eye Relief and the Unique Anti Spinal Stress 'Z' Mode of the Tiltable Head. Equipped with infinity corrected RP series Plan Achromatic optics, the advanced OPtical System provides images with ultra high definition and contrast. It offers complete flexiblity of adding intermediate accessories without effecting magnification, performance or User comfort. Performance is matched with the wildest application potential. The Research Plan Achromats and Research Plan Phase System are Corrected in relation with super wide Eyepieces and Viewing bodies to provide needle-sharp images.The percision modular design isolates vibrations making CXR4 an ideal system for advanced research applications such as Photomicrography, Phase-Contrast, Dark Field, Fluroescence observations and Digital Dissemination.
Stand Sturdy U shaped stand with plastic hand rest
Nose Piece Quintuple nosepiece, reversed type
Stage Rectangular 150x135mm double palte stage.
Cross travel 76x50mm using low positioned
X/Y co-axial control knob
Illumination koehler type, 12v-20w Halogen Lamp. Optional
12v-30w Halogen Lamp (110v-24