De Sauty Bridge Abron
De Sauty Bridge Abron

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* It is a simple form of giving maximum accuracy while comparing capacitance in term of resistance.
* The 1st arm (R1) consist of variable resistance in the form of 3-decades 10 x 10, 10 x 100 and 10
x 1000 ohms.
* The 2nd arm (R2) is also same as that of (R1).
* An unknown capacitor (C1) of capacity about (0.1 mfd to 1 mfd, any one single value whose value is
not marked on the panel) is provided, which has to be connected (from outside) to the terminals of the
3rd arm.(We have to calculate the value of (C1) in the experiment.
* The 4th arm consists of known standard capacity of 10 x 0.1 mfd (i.e. C2). Terminals for the connection
of headphone and bridge oscillator is provided on the panel. Supplied without headphone and oscillator.
Accessories at Extra :
(i) An audio frequency oscillator of 1 KC/S
a.and a variable output of 10 volts is used as a source of supply.
(ii) A pair of headphone of good sensitivity is used as
a detector in the bridge network.

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