Industrial Kelvin Bridge Abron
Industrial Kelvin Bridge Abron

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Usage : This bridge is very suitable for the use of wires and cables manufacturers. It is being extensively
used for finding the resistance of transformer windings, contact resistance of relays etc.
Basic Structure : Terminals for battery, galvanometer, current and potential terminals are all provided on the bakelite
panel enclosed in a teak wood box.
Range of
: The bridge has a range of 0.2 micro ohm to 11ohms.
Range Multiplying Least Factor Count
2 Milli ohm to 11 ohm x 100 2 Milli ohm
0.2 Milli ohm t o 1.1 ohm x 10 0.2 Milli ohm
20 Micro ohm to 11 ohm x 1 20 Micro ohm
2 Micro ohm to .011 ohm x 0.1 2 Micro ohm
0.2 Micro ohm to .0011 ohm