Maxwell Bridge Abron
Maxwell Bridge Abron

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* The bridge has 6 dials 3 for r and 3 for PFS.
* P=1st arm non-inductive resistance of 1000 ohms.
* Q=2nd arm non-inductive resistance of 1000 ohms or 10 K ohms shunted by standard capacitance of 3
decades of 10 x 0.001, 10 x 0.01 and 10 x 0.1 mfd.
* The 3rd arm contains unknown inductance (whose value is to be calculated) in series with a variable non-inductive
resistance S of 3 decades of 10 x 1, 10 x 10 and 10 x 100 ohms
* R=4th arm a fixed non-inductive resistance R of 1000 ohms.
* Terminals for the connection of oscillator and headphone is also provided.
Supplied without headphone and oscillator.
Accessories at Extra :
(i) An audio frequency oscillator of 1 KC/S
a.and a variable output of 10 volts is used as a source of supply.
(ii) A pair of headphone of good sensit