AV-03 Over Head Projector 24v 250w Twin bulb abron
AV-03 Over Head Projector 24v 250w Twin bulb abron

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Department Bio Microbiology Lab


Optical system
Excellent contrast through 90mm singal element uni-focal objective or 3-element lens
Optimized brightness due to an optical system
Anti-glare Fresnel-lens,Projection platform 285 X 285mm Features
Built-to-last, Rust proof, Shock proof durability un-matched , with All ABS Body.
Projector equipped with Twin halogen lamps with a lamp quick-Changer which can be easily
operated from outside. Should a lamp fail during a presentation
Halogen lamp 24V/250W .
Fine focusing with rack & pinion mechanism.
Economy switch DIM / BRIGHT.
Overheating device.
Whisper quiet cooling Twin fan
Easy-to-open working top, push the lock and Open to working top. Safety -interlock system,
automatically cut off power of unit while replacing lamp.
Colour fringe adjustment.
24V 250 Watt, Halogen Bulb

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