Galvanometer Ballistic 'Abron'
Galvanometer Ballistic 'Abron'

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* The moving coil system is housed in aluminium case with an easily removable front sliding cover.A rectangular coil with a large
moment of Inertia and a large cross section is suspended with the help of a fine phosphor bronze suspension strip and moves in a
strong magnetic field generated by a permanent magnet.The coil carries a 10 mm circular concave mirror of 100 cm focal length
which renders the instrument to be used in conjunction with a Lamp and Scale Arrangement.Having circular base with three levelling
screws.A zero adjuster is provided to set the spot of light on scale.
* A clamp the coil during transit. Rigid in construction. Having large periodic time.
* These galvanometers can be used both as PERIODIC as well as APERIODIC instruments.
* An arrangement is provided in the instrument to make it APERIODIC by introducing a suitable resistance in parallel with the moving
coil system.
Galvanometer Time period Sensitivity at 1 (Seconds) micro Coulomb (mm)