Galvanometer Spot Reflecting 'Abron'
Galvanometer Spot Reflecting 'Abron'

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* To find extensive use as a DC null detector in wheat stone bridges and
potentiometers.It is mains operated instrument or it can operate on 6 volt
battery also. The light source 6 volt and 0.3 Amp. bulb.
* Construction : Built-in lamp and scale arrangement and housed in bakelite
case.Scale is 150 mm long and is marked for both Centre and End zero use.
To set light at any point on the scale.
* Sensitivity Control : The sensitivity controlled by a 2-Pole, 6-way switch.
The switch positions are D, 1, 1/10,1/100, 1/1000 and s/c.
* Direct Position (D Position) : The switch correspond to the highest sensitivity
with no internal damping in this position, movement is connected straight to the
terminals without any shunts.
* X 1 (Position) : In this position, one gets maximum sensitivity with near critical
damping because the galvanometer movement is shunted by an internal damping
* X 1/10, X 1/100, X 1/1000 Positions : The current sensitivity is reduced by an
AYRTONMATHER shunt by x10, x 100 and x 1000 with respect to x 1 range.</