Dissolution Rate Test Apparatus Two Stage Abron
Dissolution Rate Test Apparatus Two Stage Abron

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The apparatus consists of 4 parts.A water bath with 500 watt heater covered-1000 mI. vessel made from Borosil glass and digital temperature control. Variable-speed motor, with 30cms longs stainless steel shaft.A cylindrical stainless steel-basket and a membrane fixing attachment, water bath is made of imported thick-Acrylic sheet with transparent cover at top. Temperature of the bath is maintained-at 37°C with an accuracy of ±1° C.A cylindrical glass vessel of 1000 ml.capacity with slightly concave bottom has a flenged edge at the top to accept a fitted-cover having four holes.One hole placed in the centre. The shaft of the motor is fitted-on an up right and has an electronic speed regulating device that allows the speed to-be varied from 25 to 250 R.P.M. The shaft is 6 mm dia. 30 cms on with basket fitted-at end rotates smoothly and without any significant wobble.The basket consist of two parts one of which is attached to the shaft. It is of solid metal except for 2 mm vent and-is screwed on the main shaft.Lower part of the basket is held with this part by means-of threading and this allows proper removal of lower part for introduction of the test samples.The detachable part of the basket is fabricated of stainless steel mesh formedm-into cylinder of size 36 mm x 25 mm dia.The equipment is workable on 220 volts50 C/S A.C. but Analog type double,three & Six Stage.

APH-2535 Analogue Model

APH-2535D Digital Model

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