Rheostat Loading 'Abron' Multiple Tube Dia 506 Cm 2 1/4"
Rheostat Loading 'Abron' Multiple Tube Dia 506 Cm 2 1/4"

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For Engineering Laboratories. Eureka wire wound on special non-magnetic pipes in grooves.The Resistance are mounted in Vertical Array in a box made of sturdy angle iron frame and perforated metal sheet*The live portion of the unit is completely insulated from the body. The whole is mounted on four castor wheels for easy transportation from one place to another in the laboratory.A-panel with controlling switches,fuses and terminals for connections is fitted on the front sides of the box. These Loading Rheostats are fitted with heavy duty porcelain based tubular switches for having the load in equal steps. A control switch with fuses or AN MCB and two insulated terminals are provided for connections Voltage in all the cases 250 Volts, AC (At 220 Volts AC the prices will be the same). For DC heavy duty knife switches

AP-895-A Length 50 cm 4 tubes

AP-895-B Length 60 cm 6 tubes

AP-895-C Length 60 cm 8 tubes

Length of Each Tube(cms)