Spectrometer Superior Quality 7
Spectrometer Superior Quality 7

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Base : Painted cast iron base, with three levelling screws.

Scale : Circular scale divided in half degree from 0 - 360 degree. Attached to the arm having telescope so that when telescope is moved, the scale rotates about its central axis.

Vernier : Divided in 30 or 60 divisions. Collimator : Consists of a tube mounted horizontally on the arm of lens at one end and a sliding tube having an adjustable vertical slit at the other end. FL of lens 7" approximately with tube with rack and pinion arrangement.

Slit : It consists of two sharp edges is fixed while the other can be moved parallel to it by working the screw at the side of the support.

Telescope : With achromatic objective of 7" focal length and a Ramsden's eye-piece. It is mounted on another arm fixed rigidly to the circular scale graduated in half degrees. The telescope alongwith the scale can be turned rounded a vertical axis passing through the centre of the spectrometer. It can be fixed in any position by the screw provided on its support and can be slowly rotated by a tangent screw at the side of the support.

Prism Table : It consists of two circular plates separated by 3 springs through which pass the levelling screws of the prism table. The height of the prism table can be adjustable by a clamping screw on its side and can be rotated in any desired position by means of the clamping screw. When this screw is fixed another slow motion tangent screw can give fine adjustment to the table of verniers

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