Anderson Bridge Complete Setup abron AP-668-A
Anderson Bridge Complete Setup abron AP-668-A

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Complete Bridge setup with suitable dials and

Osillator, head phone for null detection

Known and unknown test parts

complete setup with leads.

Bridge Anderson For Self - Inductance

      Non-Inductive Resistance (in ohms) Dial P=1000

      Q=1000  R=1000  S=3-decades 1, 10 and 100 ohms

      includes resistance of self-inductance

      L m=3 3-decades 10, 100 and 1000 ohms.

      C=standard capacitance decade of 10 x 0.01 mfd.

      AP-668-A   Bridge Anderson Dial Type 

      AP-668-B   dial type with Digital power supply

Oscillator & digital null detecto no need of any external accessories complete setup

Accessories for AP-668-A needed Extra :

AP-683a    Optional accessories: Abron Head Phone detector 

AP-683b    Abron Audio frequency oscillator 1 KC variable

AP-683d    Abron Galvanometer (AP-817) sensitive 30-0-30

AP-750b    Abron Fixed Inductance in box

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