POP Super Fine POP
POP Super Fine POP

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Super fine pop is so finely ground that it is a low density powder thus it covers more area with less material. It is also available in good quantity at affordable prices. We offer light coloured, high strength and extra fine Plaster of Paris (POP) . This Plaster of Paris (POP) settles slowly thus gives enough time to the mason/worker to complete his work, another advantage is that after settling the Plaster of Paris (POP) becomes strong thus it increases its longevity.


The suitability of the surface / background to be plastered should be evaluated in relation to strength, suction bonding properties, thermal characteristics, shrinkage and soluble salt content.
The thickness in one application should not exceed 11 to 13mm.
If greater thickness is required, the plaster should be applied more than once.
Once the plaster is set suitable fixtures can be put up.
No maintenance is required after the application and setting of the plaster.
If greater thickness is required, the plaster should be applied more than once.
Recommended thickness of plaster of Paris on wall is following.

In case of single coat of plaster:

The common thickness is 12 mm and 15 mm.

In case of two coats of plaster:

The total thickness of two coats of plaster should not exceed 20 mm.

In case of concrete surface:

  • The thickness of plaster of Paris should not exceed 15 mm.
  • The thickness of the base coat varies from 10 mm to 12 mm.
  • The thickness of finishing coat varies from 3mm to 8 mm.

In case of three coats of plaster:

  • The thickness of three coatsshould not exceed 25 mm.
  • The thickness o