POP Wall Putty (Gypsm Based)
POP Wall Putty (Gypsm Based)

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Most reliable product with assured quality & strength.
Our "A-1 Gypsum based wall putty" which works as base coat on the wall and make the wall very attractive-light, flat and smooth surface, a good base for painting, It made to give a superior finish to the interior walls. Premix application gypsum wall putty, it is made of calcium hemihydrates and additives are added to it to improve the performance and workability. This putty works effectively on both even and uneven backgrounds, which means that this interior wall putty can be used for both fine surface finishing and thick base plastering as per the requirements. Gypsum based, Superior & more affordable wall putty as an alternative to currently available wall putty all that are white cement based.


  • This product is suitable for all the coats for hand and machine application. Slightly stir before use and directly apply to plasterboards or interior wall.
  • The interior wall or plasterboard surface must be clean, smooth and firm, dry and without dust or oil.
  • If the plaster is made with Grey Cement, use A-1 wall putty to level the surface. Generally, a 5-12 mm coat of this product will remove the undulations.
  • Use A-1 wall putty on plastered surface, as a protective base-coat, before you apply expensive paint.
  • After it drying fully, then it can be painted
  • Cover tight the lid of barrel or close the bags after use
  • Interior wall putty is applied using a trowel, and daub the putty to the interior wall in average state
  • Mix the putty thoroughly to get best results and prepare only that much quantity which can be consumed in 1 hour
  • In order to get best results, for new surface area, apply 1 or 2 coats of white cement wash prior to application of putty
  • Do not wet the surface too much