POP Ready Mix POP
POP Ready Mix POP

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Our ready mixplasteris a fine qualityPlasterof Paris mix specially made to give a superior finish to the interior walls. A premix single applicationplaster, it is made of calcium hemihydrates and additives are added to it to improve the performance and workability. Ready mixplasterworks effectively on both even and uneven backgrounds, which means that this ready mix can be used for both fine surface finishing and thick base plastering as per the requirements.

The ready mix is very economical as it covers more area with less material as it is a superfine low density powder.

Is gypsum based product ideally apply directly to brick, concrete and blocks .It has formulated with special fibre adhesive for remarkable strength and high end design .Brick solution is new age gypsum plaster which has been developed through intensive research and experiment to bring best possible gypsum product in the market. It has value added feature of fire protection, sound insulation, thermal insulation, moisture resistance and impact resistance

Gypsum based ready mix plaster for plastering internal brick/concrete walls & ceiling.
Plastering of brick/ concrete and ceiling using gypsum based ready mix plaster as substitute for cement plastering.
Saving > Cement, sand, water
Advantages > Superior Finish > Less cost than cement Plaster > cooler inside


A-1Ready Mix Plaster for mixing in water to make paste.
A-1Ready Mix Plaster paste marking the levels by Aluminium strip.
A-1Ready Mix Plaster paste is applied to mark vertical leveling marks, which are provided at 3-5 feet intervals.
After 15 minutes, surface is fine finished using a tin plate as shovel.
A-1 Ready Mix Plaster can revolutionize plastering of internal walls and ceiling. This will save river sand & water.
A-1Ready Mix Plaster is an internal plaster, for direct application on brick / block walls & RCC surfaces
A-1Ready Mix Plaster is a premixed, ready to use plaster made from Calcium Sulphate hemi -hydrate to which additives are added to improve its performance.
A-1Ready Mix Plaster is extremely easy to use.
A-1 Plaster is a ready mix plaster t