Rayleigh Bridge AP-676
Rayleigh Bridge AP-676

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Determining the Self inductance. Design of bridge is simple, even a beginner can understand the connections. The main features are:

1. The Ratio Arm is in 2 dials 1, 10, 100 ohms. each.

2. Rheostat arm is in three dials.

3. Circular slide wire of 0: divided into 170 equal parts connected in series with X.

4. A special Double Key fitted bridge is internally connect! with terminals for Galv. Battery

5. Accuracy � .05 to .1%

The main feature of the bridge are as under: The ratio arm is in tow dials of 1,10,100 ohms each. The rheostats arm is in three dials having decades of 0.1, 1 & 10. A slide having 0.15 ohms resistance is connected in series with the rheostat arm. The slide wire is calibrated into 100 equal parts for easy calculations. Instead of a simple key a special double key is fitted to bridge. The key is internally connected with terminals for connecting battery and galvanometer. The bridge can also be used as an ordinary Wheatstone bridge. Accuracy � 0.5 to 1.1% Fitted in teak wood case with lock and key. All the coils are calibrated on Imported Testing Bridge

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