Electrophoresis Apparatus Horizontal kot AC-288-A
Electrophoresis Apparatus Horizontal kot AC-288-A

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  • Technique of zone electrophoresis in poly acrylamide get columns. Complete with all necessary parts comprising :-
    • Lower buffer reservoir having lower electrode assembly, platinum electrode, upper buffer reservoir for holding 8gels, lid electrode, complete apparatus is made of imported acrylic material.
    • polythene closure for retaining gel in running tube during filling and polymerisation operation
    • Running tube grommets made of special quality rubber for tightly holding tube in upper buffer reservoir.
    • Synthetic rubber bungs for sealing of hol in upper buffer reservoir when less than the maximum number of gets are beingrun.1 pkt. of 10
    • Glass or plastic syringe 5 ml. With needle for preparation of gel in running tubes. 2 no
    • Tubes stand made of Perspex for 10tubes.1 Nos.
    • Stabilised D.C. Power Supply : For three electrophoresis 0-300 V and 100 mA. Complete set of above.

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