Adapters Socket to Cone Borosilicate Glass abrosil abron AC-2044-01
Model : AC-2044-01

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Department Glass Distillation sets


with Tee Connection

Catalogue No. Socket Size Cone Size
AC-2044/01 B 10 B 10
AC-2044/02 B 14 B 14
AC-2044/03 B 14 B 19
AC-2044/04 B 14 B 24
AC-2044/05 B 19 B 19
AC-2044/06 B 19 B 24
AC-2044/07 B 19 B 24
AC-2044/08 B 19 B 32
AC-2044/09 B 24 B 24
AC-2044/10 B 24 B 29
AC-2044/11 B 29 B 29
AC-2044/12 B 34 B 34

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