Analytical Balance Flat Beam cap 200gm send 05mg wooden glass case abron AC-251b
Model : AC-251b

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Department Chemistry Bio Chemistry


Double door glass case, 200gm, Sens 1/10 Gm. Short beam of Brass graduated in 100 divisions, zero at the centre,with best selected Agates and edges ground to optical precision fitted in glass case made of polished seasoned wood on Black Base with levelling screws, with front release and both side door opening. VARANASI MAKE.
Capacity: 200 gms., Sensitivity 1/10 mg.
Capacity : 200 gms.
Sensitivity : 1 mg.
Beam : Copper Bronze
Knife Edges : Agate
Arrestment : Vertical
Base : Sumica
Case : Teak Wood
(A) Flat Beam with rider arrangement - 140 mm long.
(B) Triagular short aluminium beam with rider arrangement.

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