Digital PID Special For Incubator Bacteriological Incubator AH-385DIN
Model : AH-385DIN

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Department Chemistry Bio Chemistry



Low cost easy to operate high feature Autotune PID temperature control.

Microprocessor based Autotune Advance PID digital temperature controller controls temperature precisely at set value.

Sensor - RTD - PT100 Temperature Range: Up to 100 degree Celsius Resolution 0.1C

Display 16 x 2 (Jumbo Blue LCD)

4 keys soft touch Menu Driven system

Autotune Advance PID temperature control

PID values settable in menu

Audio Alarm on temperature deviation from Set Point / Process Complete.

Selectable Timer upto 99:59 (Hours : Minutes)

Timer Disable option for continuous running.

Visual Alarm Led indication for Temperature Deviation / Heater / Fan / Timer.

Password Protection

SSR based output controls for Heater(PID) as well as Cooler(Normal).

Computer interface via RS232 interface + PC Software.

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