Inverted tissue culture microscope binocular abron ab-42a
Model : AB-42a

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Department Bio Microbiology Lab


Inverted Tissue Culture ABRON MICROSCOPE

Special inverted body Focussing- for coarse/fine

Mechanical Stage-145x125mm

Binocular Head-High Resolution Inclined Rotatable 3600

A built-in base 6V 20W halogen light with intensity regulator.

EYE PIECES-Wide field 10x paired  

Objectives-   5x,10x,20x 40x/45x

Magnification 50x, 100x, 200x 400x/450x

Light              LED/ Halogen light on top

Stage             with petri dish


AB-42-A     Binocular Head,            

AB-42-DF   Dark Field Super Model

AB-42-BS   Binocular with Imported optics

AB-42T       Trinocular Model

AB-42TD    Trinocular with Digital Camera eye 5mp


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