Metallurgical Microscope with optics and polarizing circular stage Abron AB-43A
Model : AB-43A

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Department Bio Microbiology Lab


Binocular Head replaceable with Monocular Trino Head.
Mechanical Stage 120x 134mm graduated drum 50 divisions.
Vertical illuminator 6V 21 Watts with step down TXR with FILTEERS.
Special incident light through the optics light system
10x and 5X 10x and 40x 100x
oilimmersion Lens
50X 100x, 200x,
400x, 1000x
Accessories Dust cover, Cloth.
AB-43-A Student Metallurgical
Magnification Upto 100-675x
AB-43-B Binocular Metallurgical
Magnification Upto 100-1000x
AB-43-BS` As Above But All Ball Bearing Movements
AB-43-C Trinocular Head
Magnification Upto 100-1000x
Optional A Measuring Slide Micrometer 1mm Div 100 Parts
Optional B Digital Camera Eye For eye Piece 3or 5 Mp Mega Pixels

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