Millikans Oil Drop Apparatus Compete Set Up with s v lampabron ap-797c
Model : ap-797c

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with Power Supply and Atomizer Abron Prof. Robert A.Milliken measured the change on the electron. Latest improved design. It consists specially designed condenser, a light source and a measuring microscope. All are mounted on a common support. A heavy cast iron base which is mounted on a steel pillar that carries the microscope and the lamp house. The microscope can be adjusted smoothly by slow motion screws in the horizontal as well as in the vertical direction. Atomizer is also fitted on the same carriage. The apparatus does not need any critical adjustment and the oil drops appear in microscope within seconds. Microscope is provided with micro meter scale. POWER SUPPLY Specially designed for use with Milliken’s Drop Apparatus. It give IC regulated DC output 0 - 300 volt continuously variable to be applied to condenser plates and a 6 volt at 3 Amp. AC supply for the lamp house.SODIUM VAPOUR Lamp 35 watts with Transformer and Bow with fittings-Complete set up full set

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