Science Charts Special Polyart 50 x 70 cms with Roller
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Department Charts and Pictures


Multicolour Offset Printed on Polyart Synthetic Sheet 50 x 70cm with Roller.

Available in Full Sets as below or individual any one also.

ACP2701 Armyworm an maize weevil 50x70 cms
ACP2702 Controls flegela & cilia cell 50x70 cms
ACP2703 Cytokinesis 50x70 cms
ACP2704 Differents breeds of cattle 50x70 cms
ACP2705 Differents eyes & skin colours 50x70 cms
ACP2706 Dna & chromosome 50x70 cms
ACP2707 Electron microscope 50x70 cms
ACP2708 Food chain 50x70 cms
ACP2709 Fruit flies & their charactestics 50x70 cms
ACP2710 Giraffe 50x70 cms
ACP2711 Graphs of factors affecting enzyme activity 50x70 cms
ACP2712 Honey bee (queen drone nurse 50x70 cms
ACP2713 Human body 50x70 cms
ACP2714 Krebs cycle glycol sis & electron tpt system 50x70 cms
ACP2715 Llife history of frog 50x70 cms
ACP2716 Living thigs in an ecosystem 50x70 cms
ACP2717 Local and exotic breed of sheep and goat 50x70 cms
ACP2718 Meiosis 50x70 cms
ACP2719 Metric units and their conversation factor 50x70 cms
ACP2720 Microscope magnification principal 50x70 cms
ACP2721 Model of viruses 50x70 cms
ACP2722 Modren structure of biological science 50x70 cms
ACP2723 Organism showing similarity in body shape 50x70 cms
ACP2724 Pedigrees of sickel cells and cross multiplication 50x70 cms
ACP2725 Portriats of JT Needham lazzaro spallanzami and loius pasteuf 50x70 cms
ACP2726 Prokariyotic& eyjriyotic cell 50x70 cms
ACP2727 Proteins cabohydrate & different functional groups 50x70 cms
ACP2728 Public health rules 50x70 cms
ACP2729 RNA and process of protein synthesis 50x70 cms
ACP2730 Sense organs 50x70 cms
ACP2731 Stages of metamorphosis of insects 50x70 cms
ACP2732 Steps of experimental method 50x70 cms
ACP2733 Tables of gestation periods of various mammals 50x70 cms
ACP2734 The different adoption for protecting eggs or zygote 50x70 cms
ACP2735 The egg 50x70 cms
ACP2736 The seven pairs of charactersitics mendel stupied 50x70 cms
ACP2737 Types of cells bone cell nerve cell 50x70 cms
ACP2738 Vegetable and fruit cops 50x70 cms
ACP2739 Vestigial organs and the embryonic development 50x70 cms
ACP2740 Miliers compelete experimental set up 50x70 cms
ACP2741 Structual formula of lipids 50x70 cms
ACP2742 Mechanisim of enzyme action regualtion 50x70 cms
ACP2743 Organelles of gene expression 50x70 cms
ACP2744 Hetrotherop hypothesis 50x70 cms
ACP2745 Mechanisim of action and inhibition of enzymes 50x70 cms
ACP2746 Life cycle of lytic and lysogenic viruses 50x70 cms
ACP2747 Exprerimental setups of needham. Spallanzani and pasteur 50x70 cms
ACP2748 Biological compounds 50x70 cms

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