modulation & demodulation trainer abron AE-1309
Model : AE-1309

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Department Electronic ETB Trainer


Dpsk modulation & demodulation trainer abron ae-1309m



Sine waveform

10KHz.-20KHz. With Variable


5Vp-p using Ic2206

PSK Modulator

Using IC 4051 and IC TL084

Inter connections

2 mm Banana Socket

Test Points

3 nos

Power Supply

230 V 10%, 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption

3 VA approximately

Dimensions (mm)

W 190 x D 279 x H 95


2.8 Kg. approximately

Operating Conditions

0-40oC, 80% RH

Learning Material

Operating Manual

Minimum Order Quantity

01 Piece

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